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Progate to close its operations in Rwanda

Progate’s Africa community management Team announced that they are closing their operations in Rwanda and the whole of Africa.

“After online research, we decided to conduct market research in Nigeria, and Hiroki and I went to Nigeria last month. As a result of the survey, we found out that the market size of Nigeria is still very small compared to Asian markets. Therefore, we decided NOT to launch the operation in Nigeria and also close the operation in Uganda.

Progate is a small startup with limited available resources, thus we had to make the decision on which market to concentrate on. . ” said Remy MUHIRE, Progate’s Africa community manager.

According to the notice, starting from the end of May 2020, all the free coupon which have been distributed in Africa will no longer be available.

Progate has empowered over 3,000 learners in Rwanda and 10,000 plus in Africa, partnered with Andela on Codezone workshops and Progate Africa also created most of his Success Stories in Rwanda.

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