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Andela Kigali finally affected

It was in mid-2018 when Andela joined Rwanda’s market with the aim of establishing a Pan-African hub.

In 2019, this company projected $50 million as revenue due to that, it was expected to earn around $50.000 to $120.000 for each developer.

The next thing we were informed in that same year is that Andela started restructuring so that it becomes fit for purpose, in other words, that meant that the firm was about to cut 400 engineers from their staff.

This laying off did not affect Andela Kigali at that time, the head of departments announced that no Rwandans will be affected .

“The recent strategic shift at Andela does not alter the MOU that we signed with the Rwanda govt. In fact, moving forward, we will be focusing our junior engineer training efforts on our pan-African hub in Rwanda,” Clement Uwajeneza, the Country Director at Andela Kigali told Business Times. 

These words really softened many junior developers at Andela Kigali, but this 1st April on an afternoon, the firm affirmed to its engineers that they failed , and they have to cut 130 developers from their staff.

Andela Kigali’s layoff will surely be a good thing to local startups and institutions who really wished to acquire world-class software developers.

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