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Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas | Free Udemy Course

When it comes to being attractive, data scientists are already there. In a highly competitive job market, it is tough to keep them after they have been hired. People with a unique mix of scientific training, computer expertise, and analytical abilities are hard to find.

Like the Wall Street “quants” of the 1980s and 1990s, modern-day data scientists are expected to have a similar skill set. People with a background in physics and mathematics flocked to investment banks and hedge funds in those days because they could come up with novel algorithms and data methods.

Having said that, data science is quickly becoming one of the most promising careers in the twenty-first century. It is a computerized, programming-driven, and analytical system. As a result, it is not surprising that the demand for data scientists has increased in the labor market over the last few years.

The supply, on the other hand, has been extremely limited. It is difficult to acquire the knowledge and skills required to be hired as a data scientist.

There are numerous online resources for learning Python. As a result, students are frequently overwhelmed by Python’s steep learning curve.

It’s a whole different ballgame in here! This course is distinguished by its use of step-by-step instructions. We continue to build on what we’ve learned so far in each subsequent lesson. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools and skills necessary to master Python, Numpy, and Pandas.

Each video will leave you with a new idea that you can put to use right away!
This course is open to students of all skill levels, and even if you have no prior programming or statistical experience, you will be able to succeed!

What you’ll learn:

  • Master how to use Pandas for Data Analysis
  • Learn how to work with numerical data in Python
  • Acquire statistics and math with Python
  • Know how to code in Jupyter Notebook
  • Learn how to install packages in Python

Who this course is for:

There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience required. All you need is a strong desire to succeed!

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